Wip It Good – Wipster’s Workflow And Collaboration Process

Wipster recently raised $1.2 million in funding for its new cloud-based, collaborative video review and approval platform

Good films usually share one thing in common – good communication. In today’s scattered production and post workflows in which many hands are “stirring the pot”, it can get complicated. Although collaborative editing is picking up steam among professional editors, a common collaborative review process is more difficult, especially if your collaborators... Read more

Drag-And-Drop Symphony

Working with Final Cut Pro X, Noise Industries’ FxFactory Pro will help you create your next blockbuster

In just a short time, Final Cut Pro X has come a long way, with firmware updates and third-party software fixing many of FCP X’s initial shortcomings. Although Final Cut Pro X still continues to have many detractors in the professional community, there are aspects and features of the program, such as the Magnetic Timeline, that are actually more... Read more

Planar Tracking Tool

Imagineer Systems’ mocha Pro v3.1 is a powerful finishing application

Tracking has become an important tool, not only for effects work, but also for advanced color grading, as creators desire more control over the look of a scene. Imagineer Systems has been on the forefront of advancements in tracking software—they recently were awarded an Academy Award® for their planar tracker mocha—and I had the opportunity to... Read more

Fix It In Post, Part One

Utilizing the audio tools bundled in your NLE system

Q I’m editing a couple of interviews, and there are some issues with air-conditioning noise and clothing noise due to a poor job in rigging a lavaliere mic. What audio tools do you recommend to fix the sound issues? Roy V. Via e-mail “Fixing it in post” is an idiom that’s often mentioned on a set when sound or picture problems... Read more