Film Comments

In creative filmmaking, the singular vision of a director is typically what makes a project unique. But if you’re a producer who has final cut, or a hands-on client or business team that needs to have input from preproduction through delivery, good communication is essential. You’re going to need a platform that allows you to work in partnership with others who may not be in the same location or have the same technical know-how.

Collaborative editing is relatively new in the NLE world. Avid’s Interplay allows you to edit, share, tag, track and sync media with members of your team. Adobe Anywhere is a similar platform that allows a team to work together on a Premiere Pro or After Effects project using centralized media across standard networks. The only problem is that your collaborators will need to be on an Avid or Adobe system, as well as have some sort of editing experience. So if you’re the type of person who can’t find the "Play" button in an NLE, but still needs to have input, Wipster is a platform that will simplify your collaborative workflow.

Wipster was started by Rollo Wenlock who has worked as a motion graphics artist, director and editor, and also as a business owner working on video projects. One of the main issues Wenlock had was the communication logistics between him and his clients. "The client and colleague communication was disparate and was through email, phone calls, meetings," reveals Wenlock. "There was no singular place to get it all done, which also made it a nightmare to refer to earlier feedback."


At the end of 2012, Wenlock assembled a team and began building Wipster, an online platform that lets you upload, review, approve and share video. For film projects, Wipster is primarily being used to share versions of your project, from preproduction animatics through delivery when clients sign off on a project.

I logged into my free 14-day account ( and was able to start using the service immediately. Having a similar look and feel to Vimeo, Wipster was easy and intuitive to set up and doesn’t require any editing experience to use. You simply upload your work in progress and email it to your collaborators directly from the site. Once they receive it, they click on a link that directs them to the site where they can begin making notes and giving feedback. Once the feedback is given, you receive an email giving you the exact frame and note, as well as a reply button to return to Wipster to see the video again.