The Color Cure


Filmmakers and photographers now face a dizzying array of cameras, lenses and displays, all of which come into play during the creation of a single project. This makes it difficult to keep content color coordinated from capture to post. Whether working independently or coordinating with a professional postproduction house that must be capable of delivering accurate results for a number of imaging systems, the Datacolor SpyderHD suite of specialized color-control tools is your single solution for achieving perfect color from scene to camera to editing to final output.

Unlike other display calibration systems, the SpyderHD offers compatibility with computer displays, video reference monitors, mobile devices and televisions from a single, powerful software application and calibration device. Capable of working with any television, video, LED, OLED, LCD and CRT display system, it features unlimited gamma and color temperature adjustments, custom target values, multiple display calibrations and much, much more.

Video reference monitors and displays are coordinated with cameras to set highly specific white balance and exposure data simply by placing the multifaceted SpyderCUBE in a scene. With this one small, fadeproof device, exposure, black levels and brightness can be set at capture. Reference shots can also be used for adjustment for multiple clips or across a series of images.

The system also includes the SpyderCHECKR, a color reference chart and gray card that houses 48 spectrally neutral, engineered color patches. Easy-to-use calibration software is included and creates customized camera profiles, and extensive skin tone samples allow you to dial in color accuracy for a variety of systems. The card has a self-casing construction for protection and provides a fade strip indicator that lets you know when color cards need to be replaced for the most accurate color. The software is interactive with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Camera Raw for working with presets and can be used under a wide range of light sources.

The SpyderHD kit is highly portable for location work thanks to a custom metal case that has been fitted specifically for the components of the kit. Using the Spyder4ELITE HD, SpyderCHECKR and SpyderCUBE, you can dial in perfect exposures from the moment of capture and render accurate colors across your entire workflow. You’ll save time and money, and you’ll have the confidence of knowing your project will look exactly as you intended.