Grading To Extremes

Gangsters and horses don’t typically go hand in hand, but at Hollywood DI, you can never be sure of what a day’s work will entail. Our West Hollywood-based post house recently completed color correction on two independent feature films, the newly released And They’re Off, and Guido, which will be appearing in select theatres soon. Both films may have appeared similar when they first arrived at Hollywood DI, but they required very different treatments to achieve the respective looks they were going for.

And They’re Off and Guido were shot on different cameras by two different DPs. They were also edited on different nonlinear editing systems. And the look and feel of each movie had to be completely different, requiring different color-correction techniques and tools. Yet they both came to Hollywood DI for color grading at the same time. Both had tight deadlines, and believe it or not, both were completed successfully with the same system.

DaVinci Resolve allowed me to bring the feature to the next level in terms of production quality and audience appeal…
—Colorist Bjorn Myrholt

Hollywood DI colorists Bjorn Myrholt and Andrew Balis used Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve software to bring the respective visions of each director to life.

And They’re Off is a comedy starring Sean Astin, Peter Jacobson, Kevin Nealon and Cheri Oteri. Director Rob Schiller wanted the footage, which was shot on the Canon EOS 7D and edited in Final Cut Pro, to appear light, airy and warm. Balis used Resolve with the Avid Artist Color control panel to conform and grade the comedic mockumentary.

"The comedy works by playing off the realistic feel of the environment against the offbeat nature of the characters and their actions," explains Balis. "The film’s creators wanted the look to be realistic and natural in order to make viewers feel like they are right there in the shot, watching the events unfold.