Shooting Video With Still Cameras

Adding motion to your workflow
Tips for photographers shooting video with still cameras.
As the saying goes, the only constant is change. With significant knowledge and skills in image composition, creation and lighting, still photographers looking at generating a significant portion of their income with video have a leg up on professionals from many other fields. Adding video to your skill set requires a lot of work and knowledge, though;... Read more

RAW Video Formats Explained

In the world of video editing, there's a big difference between the quality of different formats and how they affect your work.
image recording format options
Editor’s Note: This article from 2017, written by AbelCine’s Andy Shipsides, brilliantly and concisely explained exactly how the then relatively new idea of RAW video worked. The article explained what RAW video was and what the technical and workflow ramifications were for early adopters. Since the article was published, technology has continued... Read more

Node On

Blackmagic Design’s Fusion 7 lets you create your very own blockbuster

Once mentioned only in the realm of action-adventure or science-fiction films, visual effects are now a part of many other genres. Whether it’s to achieve a special look, create set extensions, track, stabilize or simply add atmosphere to a scene, effects work these days can be just as important in a romantic comedy as it is in a space epic. With... Read more

The Art Of Better Pixels

The new Dolby Vision format from the audio giant dazzles, promising a wider color gamut with 21 stops of dynamic range to dramatically improve the viewer’s experience

Most of us in the business of creating visual content are at least casually familiar with the Dolby brand. In the analog days, it was Dolby noise reduction and, more recently, state-of-the-art theater and home surround-sound technology. Founded by engineering genius Ray Dolby, Dolby Laboratories has been improving and refining its sound for over five... Read more

Shogun Update

Atomos Adds Free Functionality For Its Mighty Shogun

For a video recorder, the Atomos Shogun is one sexy beast. And with the popularity of the Sony A7S amongst indie filmmakers, the Shogun has become a “must-have” device for A7S users who want to go beyond HD. (Who doesn’t?) Armed with a Shogun and A7S, a filmmaker can capture 4K ProRes 10-bit files while viewing them on a large 1920... Read more

There And Back Again

The Hobbit’s tale of high-frame-rate cinema

Some of you may remember Showscan, which was developed in the late ’70s by the visionary vfx artist Douglas Trumbull (2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind). The process used 65mm film and was captured at 60 fps, giving the film a smooth yet realistic quality, similar to video. Unfortunately for narrative cinema, audiences... Read more

Workflow Special: The Digital Lab

Deluxe and FotoKem are bringing postproduction to the set—or at least near it

With film accelerating its march into extinction, file-based workflows have become the most dominant for feature and television productions. But with all of these drives containing sound and picture files flying from set to post and back, what has happened to the dailies process? After all, it wasn’t so long ago that crews were exclusively dealing... Read more

Posting 4K

Although 4K is quickly becoming the norm for capture, the post world is playing catch-up

How many of you remember the DALSA Origin camera? Announced in 2003 and released in 2006, the 4K digital cinema camera, which resembled a mini-refrigerator, was going to take over professional production. But because of its size and unyielding workflow due to its monster-sized 16-bit 4K RAW files, the camera wasn’t accessible to anyone, including... Read more

The Digital Imaging Technician

Six years in the making, D.I.T.s have become key components of an ever-changing set

If there has been one position on the camera crew that should get the prize for fastest-changing, it’s the digital imaging technician, also known as the D.I.T. Six years ago, the position didn’t even exist, at least not in its current state, and certainly not as a union career option under the International Cinematographers Guild banner.... Read more

Set Etiquette

EC3 and Light Iron perform on-set digital workflow for the 21st century

For motion-picture production, film has been the dominant format for the past 100 years. Although technology has modified the film workflow—especially with the emergence of faster computers, cheaper storage, film scanning, the digital intermediate, etc.—the workflow has generally remained the same. On-set digital workflow has been around for a... Read more