Lighting For Beauty And Fashion Video

Create a glamorous style of lighting for the subjects of your video or film
I lit actress Lauren Graham using clamshell lighting for this Netflix promo spot. While it wasn’t exactly a beauty spot, I utilized beauty lighting to make Lauren look her best, since this was for a big announcement about her new series. Interviews are one of the most common threads that unite video shooters and cinematographers, for all types of... Read more

The CRI Issue

Will LEDs ever dominate the feature film and television lighting landscape?

Just a few short years ago, LED (light-emitting diode) lighting technology seemed poised to take over lighting for film and television. The technology promised significantly greater energy and heat efficiency than existing technologies. LEDs required much less power, were cool to the touch, didn’t heat up sets and, in general, seemed to be the... Read more

The Soft Touch

Cinematographers and gaffers discuss the gear and technique in creating soft light

For cinematographers, the choice between soft lighting and hard lighting is almost akin to Hamlet’s famous line, "To be, or not to be," in terms of its philosophical and aesthetic ramifications. "It’s a crucial choice, as the way you light a scene or an actor can totally change everything about them," notes acclaimed... Read more

Everything Is Illuminated

Three cinematographers working in high def reveal lighting techniques for multi-camera sitcoms, documentaries and feature films

While television, documentaries and feature cinematographers might use a lot of the same lights, how they approach lighting each project takes a lot of creativity and planning. HDVideoPro talked to three different DPs about how they plan and plot their work. Cinematographer George Mooradian explains how he brings his feature sensibility to the often-hamstrung... Read more