Eye In The Sky

The state of camera drones for film and television production

2015 is destined to go down in history books as the year of the drone. A quick scan of the floor at NAB revealed new, lower-cost, more advanced drone technology everywhere. As a producer, director or cinematographer, you may have merely a passing interest in drones, but your projects in the future undoubtedly will utilize them to capture shots that... Read more

Micro Filmmaking

The new low-budget filmmaking category puts motion capture into the hands of the masses

When the Vine video-sharing app was released in 2013, most people dismissed it as a filmmaking application. After all, Vine’s video quality was lousy because of the heavy compression, and you could only capture six seconds of motion. But in the year since its release, it has become the new "snapshot," with filmmakers and companies using... Read more

Cut The Cord

The Teradek Bolt system lets you wirelessly transmit HD video up to 300 feet

If you’re a director or cinematographer who’s meticulous about the look of your movie (framing, lighting, art direction, etc.), proper monitoring is one of the most important aspects of filmmaking. Before HD, to view shots while not looking through the viewfinder, one had to employ a video tap. The video tap monitor attached to the camera’s... Read more

Drone Wars

Instead of taking out enemies, production drones are being used for aerial cinematography

One of the production industry’s latest infatuations is with the use of drones in production. No, the intention isn’t to take out an enemy. Using drones in production—unmanned aircraft controlled from the ground and carrying lightweight cameras—has developed into a must-have tool for productions that need aerial coverage and can’t... Read more

The Long Goodbye

For movie exhibitors, the digital takeover is well underway

Mark Twain once wrote, "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." In regard to shooting and exhibiting motion picture film, unfortunately, the rumors are quickly becoming true. And nowhere does the coming end of film as a significant distribution medium hit home harder than at your local movie theater. Sometime next year, chances... Read more


Demonstrated by Rampart, the line between production and post continues to blur

In 2009, The Messenger brought home two Oscar® nominations, including one for Best Original Screenplay, shared by Alessandro Camon and director Oren Moverman. The film earned plaudits throughout the festival circuit and was recognized as Best First Feature at the Independent Spirit Awards. Moverman’s latest project, Rampart, reunited him with... Read more

Posting DSLRs

HDVP examines numerous tips and tools for creating a professional DSLR workflow

It’s edging close to the two-year mark since DSLRs were first used on professional motion-picture and TV productions. Back then, it was an open question whether DSLRs could find a home in mainstream production or whether using them constituted a one-off production trial. Equally important was whether the postproduction zeitgeist could easily adapt... Read more

Coming Up Aces

The IIF-ACES workflow on FX Networks’ Justified is a sure bet

Even though camera technology keeps growing by leaps and bounds each year, a lot of cinematographers have been disappointed in seeing the end result of the HD broadcast of their shows. Because of the limitations of the HDTV broadcasting video color space known as Rec. 709, for projects that are shot with high-end digital cameras, cinematographers often... Read more

There’s An App For That

While the iPad has become the must-have gadget for consumers of media on the go, HDVP decided to see if the device has much to offer production and postproduction professionals.

While the iPad has become the must-have gadget for consumers of media on the go, HDVP decided to see if the device has much to offer production and postproduction professionals. In this issue, we examine a few apps designed to help you create video content and evaluate whether a new iPad is an expense one can justify to the accountant (or the spouse)... Read more

The Virtual Backlot

Stargate Studios’ Orbis is a DSLR-based tool that shoots amazing 360º immersive environments

Stargate Studios has built an impressive reputation for providing sophisticated visual effects for many high-profile television projects, including Heroes, The Event, CSI: NY, The Gates, 24, Knight Rider and The Walking Dead. Recently, I shot an interview with Stargate founder Sam Nicholson, ASC, about the work his company had recently completed for... Read more