At A Glance: Slyde Away

The Digital Juice Slyder Dolly

The biggest difference between still photography and motion-picture production is camera movement. When camera moves are performed well, they not only boost your film’s production value, but they also can elevate a scene artistically. For narrative films, dolly moves are the most common and professional-looking. The only problem for indie filmmakers... Read more

At A Glance: Swift JIB50

Fast to set up and easy to carry, the SWIFT JIB50 telescoping jib provides an affordable solution for overhead tracking, panning, tilting and crane-style movements

Available on its own or in total kit solutions that also package a remote head and tethered remote control of the system, the SWIFT JIB50 provides independent filmmakers with more possibilities for camera movements, the same kind of overhead shots that professional productions often create using expensive cranes and jibs. With motorized remote control... Read more

In-Depth Perception

3ality Technica and the Cameron | Pace Group lead the pack for high-end 3D production

2011 and 2012 give every appearance of being watershed years for 3D production. In the cinema market, it’s estimated that 50% of the 40,000 digital screens available worldwide are currently equipped to show 3D productions, while a new standard for active-shutter glasses will positively impact the home-viewing market. And it can’t be denied... Read more

Xtreme Moves

HDVideoPro examines gear that moves the camera in difficult environments

Cinema has always excelled at capturing the movement and kinetic energy of modern society, and the evolution of the camera—from the heavy, cumbersome, static machines of the early days to the freewheeling palm-sized digital devices of today—and the way it’s moved neatly parallel the acceleration of life’s pace. A century ago, locked-down... Read more

Moving Pictures

Production tools that move the camera to help bring the audience into a scene

While great literature excels at portraying complex internal thought processes and motives, great cinema always has excelled at capturing the sheer kinetic energy of motion and delighting audiences with car chases, crazy stunts and the restless forward momentum of modern society. And how you move the camera to capture that kinetic energy not only is... Read more


Tools that offer movement, rigging and control beyond the usual C-stands and sandbags

Much of the focus in production is devoted to trying to keep up with the dizzying array of new video formats, codecs and cameras, plus the maze of postproduction gear and challenges that we all must be aware of. New innovations in grip and lighting gear often are overlooked by producers, directors and DPs. It’s too easy for us to take grip gear... Read more