At A Glance: K-Tek ProShot

The 4-in-1 run-and-gun tool

If you’re not careful, indie filmmaking can be an expensive habit. Even when shooting with a DSLR or compact camcorder, camera support (tripods, shoulder-mount rigs, stabilizers, etc.) can add thousands to your budget. Known primarily for their audio products (boom poles, shock mounts, bags, etc.), K-Tek has been dipping their toe in the video... Read more

Motion Pictures

Sliders, jibs and stabilizers that help your camera tell the story

What is cinema? While there are many different definitions that have evolved over the past century, one can think of a common-sense definition of the word as the art or technique of making motion pictures. As digital technology has evolved, the cost of admission to the tools capable of photographing cinema-quality images has rapidly shrunk, as have... Read more

At A Glance: Air Apparent

Miller’s Air Tripod Systems

Due to their small size and inconspicuous nature, the biggest advantage of shooting with a DSLR or compact camcorder is that you’re able to shoot in locations where most full-sized, digital motion-picture cameras can’t. But if you want stabilized shots, you need a solid tripod system—a tool that usually negates a DSLR’s small size.... Read more

Smart Allex

Libec’s new tripod system lets you pan, tilt and slide

For event shooters or indie filmmakers, camera movement can bring a ton of production value to a shoestring project, when performed well. Filmmakers like Hitchcock, Scorsese and Spielberg have demonstrated how just a subtle tracking shot can heighten the mood of a scene. Camera movement for indie filmmakers has always been restrictive, mainly due to... Read more

At A Glance: Comodo Orbit

Twin-grip camera rig enables smooth single-shot cinema

As you’ve probably noticed, cameras are becoming much smaller, not to mention better. Recently, Freefly Systems’ Mo VI rig transformed the camera movement industry by allowing camera operators to easily capture smooth shots without the need of a Steadicam (or Steadicam operator). Although the compact Mo VI rig has been a revolutionary... Read more

At A Glance: Zacuto DSLR Recoil Rig

Convert your DSLR or pro camcorder into an ENG solution

An entire industry has erupted around making video-capable DSLRs more capable for video. The diminutive cameras are ideal for shooting from small areas, but are absolutely uncomfortable for handholding during long takes, as well as difficult to use for fluid camera movements. Zacuto’s DSLR Recoil kit is designed as a shoulder-mount support system... Read more

Movers And (Non)Shakers

Freefly Systems’ MoVI M10 is a handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal that might redefine camera movement

After cruising the floor at this year’s NAB, you may have thought to yourself, "Is there anything truly new under the sun in production support gear, especially for smaller and lighter cameras?" A company called Freefly Systems seems to think so. While the market in recent years has seen a plethora of new camera support systems, if... Read more

At A Glance: Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee

Capture smooth moves with your GoPro HERO3 Black Edition

GoPro’s acquisition of video compression and workflow technology company CineForm Inc., made them much more than just a wearable camera company. And with the HERO3 Black Edition’s ability to capture 2.7K in 24p with a RAW-like profile, cinematographers took immediate notice because they were now able to place GoPro action shots into an editing... Read more

Indie Camera Moves

The latest stabilizers, sliders, jibs and dollies designed for the low-budget shooter

Movies always have been the perfect medium for capturing the sheer kinetic energy of motion, and thanks to the many advances in technology in the past decade or so, the new generation of stabilizers, jibs and sliders have helped filmmakers push the limits even further in their quest for never-before-seen shots. Of course, many indie productions, as... Read more

Shot Support

New fluid heads and tripods for your digital motion-picture camera system

It’s important to remember that for tripod and fluid heads, the ones you don’t notice while shooting are the best kind. Although tripod systems aren’t the sexiest gear to read (or write) about, you’re probably well aware that a stable tripod system is the best investment a shooter can make since a subpar tripod system can ruin... Read more