April 2013

With the release of the new ALEXA XT, perhaps the biggest winner is data recorder company Codex Digital. All XT models contain the new XR Module, a side panel that was developed with Codex to replace the SxS Module.

First Look: ARRI ALEXA XT ARRIRAW, true anamorphic capture and internal ND (but no 4K) By Neil Matsumoto The ARRI ALEXA was introduced in 2010, and in just a few short years, the camera has taken over the professional production space with cinematographers widely considering it to be the first "film-style" digital motion-picture camera.... Read more

February 2013

The Ready Rig is comprised of two adjustable rods that are attached to a spring-loaded back support and a camera mount with nearly 180º of tilt.

SONY 4K CINEALTAS Sony is celebrating two new additions to the historic CineAlta family. The PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 camcorders offer a healthy set of specifications that includes 16-bit RAW video recording and an electronic global shutter in the F55 to eliminate rolling shutter skew and flash band effects. The cameras feature newly constructed 4K Super... Read more

December 2012

At approximately 85% the size of the EOS C300 model, the C100 offers a push auto iris function, one-shot autofocus, manual focus and exposure control, a multi-angle 3.5-inch LCD panel, a high-resolution EVF, built-in ND filters and a locking, clean-out HDMI output. T

M IS FOR MONOCHROME Announced as a dedicated black-and-white version of the EPIC cinema camera, the RED EPIC-M features a newly developed 14-megapixel, 5120×2700 Mysterium-X Monochrome sensor with a native ASA of 2000. The camera "Brain" captures only in black-and-white, which circumvents deBayering processes and leads to heightened... Read more

October 2012

With support of control surfaces across all pro Avid video-editing products, Avid Artist Color and Artist Transport Integration have been included for extensive control over color correction, grading, editing and navigation.

SONY PMW-200 XDCAM Announced as the successor to the popular Sony PMW-EX1/R cameras, the Sony PMW-200 camcorder brings high-resolution 4:2:2 chroma subsampling, a fast video bit rate of 50 Mb/s and three large 1⁄2-inch Exmor CMOS sensors that produce high-resolution capture of 1000 TVL (television lines), high sensitivity (F11 at 2000 lux) and low... Read more

August 2012

After processing, data is transferred to the light meter where up to three camera profiles can be stored.

EXTENDED COVERAGE The Angénieux Optimo 19.5-94 and 28-340 zooms offer image coverage of up to 31.4mm in diagonal, which makes them ideal as a choice for working with large-format-sensor cameras, S35 film, full-frame 5K with the RED Epic and more. The Optimo 19.5-94 4.8x zoom has a fast T2.6 aperture with a 329º focus rotation and more than... Read more

June 2012

Canon is welcoming new family members to the Cinema EOS line with two cameras capable of 4096×2160 resolution and four lenses.

CANON GOES 4K Canon is welcoming new family members to the Cinema EOS line with two cameras capable of 4096×2160 resolution and four lenses. Building on Canon’s first camera in the Cinema EOS system, the C300, the Cinema EOS C500/C500 PL is planned as a professional camcorder and still shooter hybrid solution with 4K RAW capture and uncompressed... Read more

April 2012

The user interface is intuitive with swipe gestures to convert units and timecode. For RED camera users, stereo and HDRx options can be calculated independently.

NIKON D800 With a massive 36.3-megapixel FX-full-frame-format CMOS sensor, the Nikon D800 adds a healthy set of video capabilities to its popular predecessor the D700 while offering a similar set of video features as Nikon’s flagship D4 DSLR at roughly half the retail price. With frame rates of 1080/30p/24p and 720/60p/30p, this is the... Read more

Releases December 2011

A relay mode provides uninterrupted recording, with simultaneous recording to both memory cards for instant backup or a client copy, and a new Pre Rec retro cache feature continuously records and stores up to five seconds of footage in cache memory to prevent missed shots.

SINGE-CAMERA 3D With modular components, interchangeable lenses and remote-control operation over interaxial distance and convergence, the Meduza MK1 enables filmmakers to capture single-system 3D in a variety of modes. Eliminating the need for complicated mirror rigs with their gears, cables, cameras and lenses, the base camera unit weighs less than... Read more

October 2011

Designed to support payloads of up to 35 pounds, the Fusion FHR-35 connects to HDVRC studio robotics controllers or legislative system controllers through Ethernet.

This Article Features Photo Zoom PANASONIC INTRODUCES INTRA Offering the benefits of faster, file-based P2 HD workflows, the AG-HPX250 P2 camcorder is the first handheld camera from Panasonic to feature native 10-bit, 4:2:2, independent-frame, 1920×1080-resolution, AVC-Intra recording for high-quality compression and ease... Read more

August 2011

Bridging the gap between highly specific fast frame-rate cameras and all-in-one systems useful for more typical shooting

BUILT FOR SPEED Bridging the gap between highly specific fast frame-rate cameras and all-in-one systems useful for more typical shooting, the PS-CAM X35 from P+S Technik offers a standard working speed range of 24 fps to 60 fps through the direct HD-SDI output, while the slow- and fast-motion abilities of the camera also include continuously... Read more