October 2015

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Offered as a complement to ARRI’s line of Master Anamorphic prime lenses, the ARRI PL-mount Anamorphic Ultra Wide Zoom 19-36/T4.2 incorporates a telecentric optical design for highly uniform field illumination from the center through the corners of the image, even at the minimum object distance. Anamorphic elements positioned at the rear of the lens mean focus breathing is virtually nonexistent, while multilayered, antireflective lens coating controls flare to generate a creaminess around highlights, allowing night shots to reflect an ethereal and magical quality. For visual-effects work and metadata, the Lens Data System (LDS) also provides information on zooming, focus and aperture settings. List Price: TBD. Contact: ARRI, arri.com/camera/cine_lenses.


Capable of a stunning ISO-equivalent sensitivity of over 4,000,000 and a minimum subject illumination of less than 0.0005 lux, the Canon ME20F-SH delivers exceptional high light sensitivity at full-color HD resolution without the need for infrared illumination. Designed as a solution for cinematic productions, reality television or nature and wildlife documentaries, as well as nighttime surveillance and security, the ME20F-SH’s enhanced 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor employs 19 μm square pixels, more than 5.5x the surface area of pixels found on even the best interchangeable-lens cameras. Compatible with the Canon Cinema EOS System, the camera’s EF Cinema Lock mount allows the usage of the extensive line of interchangeable EF lenses, and features like Canon Log and Wide DR enable enhanced dynamic range. Output-only 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI terminals are included, and a single cable attachment outputs to a variety of peripheral equipment like external recorders and monitors. Estimated Street Price: $30,000. Contact: Canon U.S.A. Inc., usa.canon.com.


Blackmagic Design has announced a public beta of DaVinci Resolve 12, the popular, easy-to-use editing and color-grading software suite. Available for free download via the Blackmagic Design website, updates include optimized media proxies, as well as custom settings for codecs and resolutions. A new Smooth Cut transition also uses proprietary DaVinci optical flow algorithms to provide seamless editorial transitions, while new support for Intel Iris and Iris Pro GPUs enables performance enhancements on a wide range of computers and laptops. Resolve 12 will be offered in two different iterations—a free version, DaVinci Resolve, as well as a paid version, DaVinci Resolve Studio, which will feature all of the capabilities of DaVinci Resolve, as well as multiple user and professional studio needs such as multiple GPU support, DCI 4K, 3D stereoscopic tools, collaboration tools and remote rendering. Allowing video professionals to edit, grade and finish projects all within a single interface, the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Control Surface includes the award-winning DaVinci hardware control panel, to boot. List Price: Free (DaVinci Resolve); $995 (DaVinci Resolve Studio); $29,995 (DaVinci Resolve Advanced Control Surface). Contact: Blackmagic Design, blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve.


The Kessler Crane CineDrive is a multi-axis camera motion-control system with a modular design, allowing the addition of expansion accessories for creating an even more advanced range of camera motions. With a dedicated WiFi network for team access, the kOS software has a straightforward, intuitive interface capable of complex motion-control moves in minute, incremental changes for exact motor position, keyframe adjustments and 100% repeatable articulation. Live, looping, programmable or automatic stop-motion, time-lapse, Gigapixel and panoramic modes are all available. An event mode is also available, intended for live events or scenarios where exact position recalling on-the-fly is needed. Scrubbing, bump buttons, looping and graph expansion allow for precise previews and preprogramming of moves. List Price: Begins at $2,699. Contact: Kessler Crane, kesslercrane.com/cinedrive.


At an estimated 30% savings in weight over competing models, a new lightweight, compact video and audio cart from INOVATIV, the Scout, will collapse down to a slim and very portable 7-inch-thick, flight-ready travel case. Available in 31.5", 37.5" and 42" models, each durable Scout cart is constructed from premium 5052 and 6061 aluminum with stainless-steel hardware. With 10 inches of top shelf that’s adjustable in 2-inch increments, upright posts lock into place for security and maneuverability. A textured black powder coats the top and bottom shelves to keep gear from sliding. Weight ranges from 50.4 pounds to 74 pounds, and a Foot Brake system keeps the Scout from rolling into scenes. List Price: Begins at $2,770. Contact: INOVATIV, inovativcarts.com/shop/carts/scout-2.


The Cineo Matchbox is the latest model available in Cineo Lighting‘s high-output Remote Phosphor line of lighting solutions. The portable on-camera or studio lights can alternate between daylight and tungsten simply by swapping included daylight or tungsten front panels. With high CRI ratings of 98 at 3200K and 94 at 5600K, as well as TLCI ratings of 99 at 3200K and 97 at 5600K, at 3 feet, the output is rated at 315 lux and 362 lux, respectively. At 15 ounces, the 3.25×5.25×1.5-inch panel with 160º light spread features weather-resistant construction for use as a location light. It can be dimmed from 0-100% and includes a ¼"-20 thread on the base for mounting to stands or cameras. An AC adapter is included with a 6-foot extension cable. Optional battery kits are available for making it more portable, as are accessories like a softbox, barndoors and a louver. List Price: $495. Contact: Cineo Lighting, cineolighting.com/matchbox.


For cinematographers, location scouts or behind-the-scenes and reference still shooters, the Leica M PL Mount adapter allows the use of traditional PL-mount cinema lenses on the compact, video-capable Leica M and M-P cameras. An integrated handgrip on the Leica M PL Mount adapter provides a sturdier grip for handling, making the 24-megapixel, full-frame digital rangefinders ideal solutions for shooting B-cam or supplemental footage, providing 1080p .MOV files at 24/25/30 fps with 4:2:2 color sampling. The custom-built baseplate is built to support heavy PL-mount lenses without stressing the native build of the Leica cameras. Available as an option, the Leica EVF-2 electronic viewfinder provides an articulating screen for previewing compositions or acting as a viewfinder. List Price: $2,450 (baseplate+lens mount); $2,900 (with Leica EVF-2 electronic viewfinder). Contact: CW Sonderoptic, cw-sonderoptic.com/m-pl-mount.


Westcott‘s extensive line of Flex LEDs provides pliable, dimmable and water-resistant LED mats that can be bent for scene placement even in difficult-to-access areas. Weighing only 5 ounces, the base 10×10" model is lined with 166 LED diodes on a moldable 1/4" black frame. Output on the tungsten version offers an impressive 1,900 lux output at 1 meter with a score of 98 on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), while the slightly brighter daylight model measures in with a 95 CRI score and 2,100 lux output at 1 meter. The dimmer adjusts from 5% to 100%, and a variety of accessories and much larger sizes are available in the Flex line, which also includes bicolor models and studio setups with kit pricing. List Price: Begins at $599. Contact: F.J. Westcott Co., fjwestcott.com/lighting/flex.


Emulating ikan‘s popular 5600K White Star series of daylight LED Fresnel lights, the new Red Star Fresnels shine at 3200K tungsten at 100, 200 or 350 watts. With a Spot to Flood Focusing Knob, the lights alternate between a 30º spot or a wider 60º spread. Coupled with a workhorse build that’s durable and lightweight, the aluminum housings are compact enough for use in small, contained studios and sets. While the White Star lights have a high CRI rating of 95, the new Red Star lights beat that at a CRI of 96. Each includes a four-way barndoor, plus integrated holder for compatibility with ARRI-style open-faced scrims. List Price: Begins at $990. Contact: ikan Corp., ikancorp.com.


Offering full electronic lens control for the RED EPIC, SCARLET and DRAGON, as well as the Sony PMW F3/F5/F55 and ARRI ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras, the OptiTek ProLock series of lens-mount solutions allows the use of standard autofocus Canon and Nikon glass on cinema cameras. Full electronic compatibility is offered for AI, AI-S and AF-S lenses, with aperture control for AF-S lenses built into the adapters. Iris scales are also engraved on the control ring for lens aperture values. List Price: Begins at $995. Contact: OptiTek, optitek.org.


The Redrock Micro ultraCage Scout is a compact electronic follow-focus system for single operators using mirrorless or DSLR cameras such as the Sony a7S, Panasonic GH4 and Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The precisely balanced microRemote Fingerwheel follow-focus unit allows electronically controlled focus without moving hands or fingers from the grip. The rig can be collapsed into a Compact Mode for a smaller, cine-style rig setup or for use with gimbal systems. The Scout S is a cage-only version built for protection with an adjustable top arm (for cameras ranging from 91mm to 125mm tall) and two integrated cold-shoe mounts. Upgrading to the fully loaded Scout HX adds another top arm, powered and remote focusing abilities with the fingerwheel controller, as well as a motor and cabling. The Scout HS lacks the motor and cable. List Price: $475 (ultraCage Scout S); $1,499 (ultraCage Scout HS); $2,499 (ultraCage Scout HX). Contact: Redrock Micro, store.redrockmicro.com/Catalog/ultraCage-blue-DSLR-Handheld-Rigs.


The Mobi Gen from FreeWire is designed as an ecofriendly replacement for traditional diesel and gas generators. Outputting 240VAC and 120VAC, the Mobi Gen is able to power lighting and gear for up to 12 hours at 2000W, 6 hours at 4000W or 3 hours at 8000W. On location or on set, the wheeled, 30 kwh lithium-ion battery system eliminates the pollution and noise concerns of traditional generators for a studio lighting power solution that’s both clean and quiet. Rental Price: Begins at $300/daily. Contact: Hive Lighting, hivelighting.com/rental/mobi-gen-high-power-battery; FreeWire Technologies, freewiretech.com.


Available as software for both Windows and Mac, SpectraLayers Pro 3 from Sony Creative Software allows you to work with individual sounds in an audio file similar to objects in a photograph. Offering seamless interoperability with Sound Forge Pro 11 and Sound Forge Pro Mac 2.5, Pro 3 provides options for remixing, pitch correction and precise repairs or removal of unwanted noise and artifacts through noiseprint-based noise reduction and isolation of music or dialogue through component layers. The upgrade includes a number of updated features such as 24-bit/192 kHz performance, redesigned panels for Layers and Selection Tools, a new waveform display, a 3D Displace feature for visualizing spectral audio data and an Overview Bar for a graphic color-coded representation of selection range, program length and location. List Price: $399; $199 (upgrade). Contact: Sony Creative Software, sonycreativesoftware.com/spectralayerspro.


Featuring LED technology that offers a 5K-equivalent output, exceeding that of a 1200W HMI, Mole-Richardson‘s 900W SeniorLED daylight and tungsten Fresnel solutions include a built-in, flicker-free power-supply ballast and a variable spot-to-flood beam angle of 10º to 55º, accessible through a rear rotating knob. Construction features a 10-inch Borosilicate glass Fresnel lamp, as well as an aluminum and steel build with a passive-forced air-cooling system for quiet operation. The Type 9341 Tungsten 3100K model offers a high CRI 95 rating, while the Type 9351 Daylite 5600K model measures in at CRI 90. The heads weigh 41 pounds, and each sports full dimming from 0-100%. Several accessories are available, including a four-way barndoor, a diffusion frame and a variety of scrims. Estimated Street Price: $4,425. Contact: Mole-Richardson, mole.com/products/index/fresnelLEDs.