December 2015

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With an 8.4-megapixel Super 35-sized CMOS sensor and a Sony E-mount for use with an extensive lineup of compact and interchangeable Sony and Zeiss lenses, the Sony PXW-FS5 XDCAM offers UHD at 24/30 fps, as well as HD at up to 240 fps. The form factor makes it an ideal choice for handholding, while internals provide cinematic features with 14 stops of dynamic range and up to 960 fps slow-motion. AVCHD is available for MPEG-2 files in HD, plus XAVC Long encoding allows Intra-Frame or Long GoP compression with 10-bit 422 or 8-bit 420 in UHD. For handheld work, the ergonomic SmartGrip features Zoom, Start/Stop and Assign controls, as well as 360º of rotation for comfort. Thanks to a shallow flange distance, adapters can mount PL, EF, Leica and Nikon lenses. Two SD media card slots support simultaneous or relay recording, and one is compatible with Memory Stick media. Outputs include HDMI, SDI and Sony’s Multi-Terminal. WiFi and NFC communication are available for live streaming and remote control from wireless devices. A removable top handle incorporates a second XLR 3-pin audio input and a mount for an external LCD viewfinder as an alternative to the built-in EVF. Other features include WiFi connections for Android or iOS devices, Ethernet connection, a headphone jack, FTP upload and a variable ND filter system that lets you dial anywhere from 1/4 to 1/128 filtration. Both the SDI and HDMI ports can output REC trigger and time code. List Price: $5,599. Contact: Sony,


Capable of up to three streams of simultaneous 4K video playback in iMovie, the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro is 78% larger than the iPad Air 2 with the highest‑resolution Retina display of any iOS device—5.6 million pixels in 2732×2048, with 264 pixels per inch. To create better contrast on the display, Photo Alignment construction utilizes UV light enhancement. The oxide thin-film transistor has also been adapted from the iMac Retina 5K display for better brightness and uniformity. With 1080p HD video capture in 30 fps and slo-mo in 120 fps, the iPad Pro is only 6.9mm thick and weighs 1.57 pounds. Tech specs include the third-generation A9X chip with 64-bit performance with four speakers for stereo sound that rotates dynamic range to match portrait or landscape view. Available additionally, the 4mm portable Smart Keyboard connects to the iPad Pro through a new Smart Connector interface. When not in use, it doubles as a lightweight cover. An Onscreen Shortcut Bar is customizable for third-party applications, and keyboard shortcuts are provided for other time-saving commands. An Apple Pencil stylus is also available. List Price: Begins at $799 (iPad Pro 32 GB); $169 (Smart Keyboard); $99 (Apple Pencil). Contact: Apple,


Featuring a Micro Four Thirds sensor with an integrated 13x Leica Dicomar zoom lens, Panasonic has announced the affordable and highly anticipated AG-DVX200PJ. Using Panasonic’s V-Log L gamma curve, the single MOS sensor captures up to 12 stops of dynamic range in addition to supporting DCI 4K at 24 fps and UHD 4K in several frame rates at up to 60 fps. HD is also provided at variable frame rate recording from 2 fps to 120 fps. The system is capable of capturing 4K (in MP4 or MOV files) and AVCHD of 1920×1080 simultaneously or in tandem to dual SD card slots. With a 35mm equivalent zoom range of 29.5mm to 384.9mm, the 72mm diameter ƒ/2.8-4.5 lens has a powered zoom rocker, as well as control rings for focus, zoom and iris. For crisp image acquisition, the five-axis Hybrid Image Stabilizer includes a 4x expansion of correction accuracy. The Intelligent AF system with newly developed micro-drive focus unit enhances focus speed, tracking and capture performance. The camera also incorporates ND filter (1/4, 1/16, 1/64), IR filter cut on/off and HDMI 2.0 or 3G-SDI output. List Price: $4,695. Contact: Panasonic,


With internal debayering for live viewing of uncompressed RAW 4K/2K outputs of the EOS C500 and EOS C300 Mark II cameras, the 30-inch 16:10 DP-V3010 and 24-inch 17:9 DP-V2410 Reference Displays from Canon support 4K/UHD/2K/HD resolutions with 10-bit In-Plane Switching for sharpness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio for deep and accurate black levels. Offering full support of broadcast standards ITU-R BT.709, EBU and SMPTE C, as well as near-complete portrayal of the digital cinema standard DCI-P3 color space, the RGB LED backlight system and anti-glare coating make the monitors an ideal choice for color accuracy, even on location. The Cinema EOS System Link provides camera information such as time code, ISO, ƒ-stop, shutter speed, gamma, color gamut and resolution when using Cinema EOS cameras, even with external recorders not equipped with processing capabilities. Eight LUTs can be configured for picture modes, and a zooming function gives critical focus. An HDMI terminal has been added for transmission of up to 4096×2160/60p via a single cable. On the DP-V3010, the display features four input and four output 3G/HD-SDI ports and one stereo headphone mini-jack. A metal frame with handles and adjustable feet anchors the system. Also supported by the DP-V3010 is the ASC CDL (American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List) format with transmittable slope, offset, power and saturation parameter adjustments to the overall RGB image and/or separately to individual R, G and B channels. List Price: $18,000 (DP-V2410); $40,000 (DP-V3010). Contact: Canon,


For accurate pull and repeatable focusing, the Genus Tech Universal Bravo Follow Focus allows Canon and Nikon lenses to be focused in the same direction. This fourth-generation release adds a reversible gearbox that has been engineered for zero backlash. The quick-release bracket is built to easily attach to 15mm rods with a clamp that’s both rigid and simple to undo. With beveled edges that make them easy to view from several angles, smooth white 3D follow-focus discs can be used with whiteboard markers for easily marking and erasing follow-focus points in order to repeat movements. Three pitch gears (0.5, 0.6 and 0.8) and a flexible lens gear come standard. The end-stop mechanism has been improved, as well. List Price: $475. Contact: Genus Tech,


With a tunable color temperature between 2800K and 10,000K, the ARRI SkyPanel is a versatile LED soft light solution for studios, sets and locations. SkyPanels are available in two iterations—the larger S60, with equivalent output to a 2 kW tungsten soft light or a 6 kW tungsten space light, and at half the size and specs, the more compact S30. Three knobs control color temperature, green/magenta point, intensity, hue and saturation through a mix of 2,000 calibrated red, green, blue and white LEDs. The lights can also be adjusted remotely via DMX or LAN connections. The face of the S60 measures 11.8×25.4 inches for a large light aperture and a homogenous beam of light without multiple edges or strange shadow colors. Front diffusion panels can be switched easily for an even softer spread. An intensifier is available alongside other light-modification tools planned for the future. At 5.1 inches in depth, the thin profile makes it an ideal solution for tight shooting locations, and an onboard input is provided for runtime from industry-standard batteries, making SkyPanels a good choice for working outside of the studio, as well. Remote phosphor versions of SkyPanel fixtures come in 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and 6500K color temperatures with 10% improved brightness and better color rendition. List Price: Begins at $3,125. Contact: ARRI,


Claiming title as the world’s first all-in-one, 2-channel, dual 7-inch rack recorder, monitor and playback deck, the Shogun Studio from Atomos includes everything for live events, studio setups and broadcast needs in a 3RU rackspace device. Providing up to 4K/1080p60 resolution capture and monitoring, dual channels can be used for simultaneous capture and downconversion, even with separate resolutions. With support for 10-bit 422 ProRes, DNxHR and RAW, built-in HDMI and SDI will downscale from 4K to 2K/HD automatically. Power supplies are redundant in case of emergency, and control can be performed through RS422 remotes, Ethernet networking or screen controls. List Price: $3,495. Contact: Atomos,


Anton/Bauer’s CINE line of batteries features a compact body slim enough for use with camera-stabilizer systems and rail-mounted cameras. With the ability to function on all existing Anton/Bauer chargers, the mobile powering solution delivers 12 amps of continuous power with Fuse Link technology that adds a protection circuit to stop damage from nearby cells if a single cell goes down. Additionally, multiple sensors detect temperature and over-current states to ensure optimal battery performance during regular usage. The series currently features seven models, starting with the 90 Wh, 14.4-volt Cine 90 GM (Gold Mount) or Cine 90 VM (V-Mount). The top-of-the-line Cine VCLX and Cine VCLX-CA batteries offer 560 Wh and 4-pin 14V and 3-pin 28V XLR connectors. A PowerTap is also included to power auxiliary gear like monitors, lights, wireless receivers and other 14V accessories. The industrial look of the exterior design is meant to complement cine-style cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA Mini and RED WEAPON. An LCD provides run-time and battery life. List Price: Begins at $499. Contact: Anton/Bauer,


Making the lightweight URSA Mini PL a powerful and easily convertible run-and-gun solution, the B4 Mount modification from Blackmagic will allow the usage of 2/3” B4 lenses on the diminutive camera for live event, broadcast, documentary and ENG shooters. Giving the camera the best of both worlds, the URSA Mini B4 Mount is designed to swap quickly with the existing PL lens mount, and it can be used with both the 4K and the 4.6K PL models. Featuring spherical aberration correction and a magnified image circle, lenses can be used wide open without blooming or color fringing. The URSA Mini PL has a new lens control connection for PL and B4 lenses to support analog and digital lens control standards including iris control, start/stop recording and power for the lens. List Price: $295. Contact: Blackmagic Design,


Currently in use on motion-picture sets and in broadcast studios worldwide, the Cineo HS2 is the second-generation fixture in the line of remote phosphor, high-output studio and location lights. Offering swappable 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and 6500K color temperatures, the remote phosphor panels can be swapped simply by sliding them from a hinged top access slot. At lamphead dimensions of 12x21x3.8 inches and a weight of 22 pounds, the 2700K and 3200K panels offer a very high CRI rating of 98, with the other panels measuring at CRI 97, CRI 94 and CRI 93, respectively. Rated at 700 lx at 3m with a 160° beam spread, remote phosphor technology works as a substrate that’s excited by high-frequency wavelengths of light for an even spread of light that’s often much more powerful than LED bulbs. Remote phosphor also circumvents the problems of LEDs such as multiple shadows or individual bulb degradation. The new HS2 is fully compatible with legacy HS and LS power supplies, accessories, phosphor panels and cabling. Power consumption is 500 watts. List Price: $3,795. Contact: Cineo Lighting,


Introduced initially with three models consisting of 24mm, 50mm and 85mm focal lengths, the affordable XEEN series by Rokinon Professional is a cinema lens system featuring a matched constant aperture of T/1.5 and an image circle big enough to cover large-sensor, full-frame cameras like DSLRs. Available in mounts for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Micro Four Thirds and PL, each lens includes optics capable of resolving to 4K resolutions. With color-matched, all-metal bodies, the lenses offer unified performance like 40º iris rotation, a 114mm non-rotational front diameter and a 200º focus throw. Large focal markings grace the exteriors with dual calibrated right- and left-side distance and T-stop scales. The mounts can also be shimmed by qualified technicians to adapt to other camera systems. Additional focal lengths are planned for release. List Price: $2,995 (each). Contact: Rokinon,


Kino Flo’s Select 30 and Select 20 LED softlights operate with featherweight portability and versatility. The LED banks include key features like a dial-in variable color temperature between 2700K-6500K, preset setting storage, a full range of manual or DMX dimming, and magenta and green hue control to match the lights to other kinds of fixtures. Both Select models utilize universal power at 100VAC to 240VAC, or 24VDC, while drawing about 1A of power at 120VAC. The Select 30 displays a soft key or fill light much like a Kino Flo 4ft 4Bank or bounced sources. The Select 20 delivers the same quality of soft white light, but in a compact profile similar to a Kino Flo 2ft 4Bank System. The detachable 150-watt controller will operate a fixture at up to 25 feet through a lightweight head extension cable. The Select 30 is 40 inches long and weighs 12 pounds, while the Select 20 is 26 inches and weighs less than 10 pounds. Both models come with grommeted barndoors, a removable twist-on center mount, a diffused high-output LED plate and a 90º honeycomb focusing louver. Estimated Street Price: $2,595. Contact: Kino Flo Lighting Systems,


D-PRO Inc. has announced the addition of two new products for the Convergent Design Odyssey 7 series of monitors/recorders, the X-FM-200-OD Friction Mount and X-ODHL-100 HDMI Lock for the Odyssey 7Q+. The X-FM-200-OD Friction Mount allows you to attach and tilt an Odyssey to virtually any position when using a rig with a shoe or ¼”-20 threaded hole. An included X-HTSM-10 High Torque Shoe Mount will then lock the system into place. Weighing less than one ounce, the X-ODHL-100 HDMI Lock is made specifically for the Odyssey 7Q+, accommodating most HDMI cable heads and HDMI adapters through an adjustable lock arm. List Price: $169 (X-FM-200-OD Friction Mount); $75 (X-ODHL-100 HDMI Lock). Contact: D-PRO Inc.,


The RØDE i-XLR allows XLR connectivity directly to your iPhone or iPad. Much like the RØDE smartLav, the i-XLR connects an XLR cable, lavalier, shotgun or interview microphone through the Apple Lightning adapter connection. The free iOS companion application, an updated version of the RØDE Rec app, offers equalization presets and dynamics control with matrix processing, as well as a safety track. On the front of the device is a gain switch for a +20 dB boost, a one-touch recording button and a 3.5mm headphone jack with volume switch. Any 3.5mm lavalier mic can be powered from the i-XLR, and the system comes with a 2-meter shielded cable. At dimensions of 80x33x35mm and a weight of 125 grams, it’s pocket-sized. List Price: TBD. Contact: RØDE,


Famous optics manufacturer Zeiss has created a line of DSLR lenses fitted for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts. The new series of Milvus lenses currently includes six focal lengths: a 21mm 2.8, 35mm 2.0, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4 and two macro 1:2 lenses—a 50mm 2.0 and 100mm 2.0. Adapters are available for Sony systems. A declicking feature on the Nikon models allows you to unlock the aperture, turning the lens into a smooth-focus cinema lens. The line also features advanced resolving capability, matched color fidelity and corner-to-corner brightness to meet the needs of high-resolution, large-image-sensor DSLRs. The lenses are manual focus, but will communicate electronically for the use of shutter- and aperture-priority modes, as well as EXIF information. List Price: Begins at $1,199. Contact: Zeiss International,


Constructed from a highly durable, stretchy, long-lasting material that has been injected with a 10-year UV inhibitor, Titan Straps are a universally applicable tie-down for gear and cords. Designed for a large range of adjustability, the Titan Straps fasten simply enough like a belt, but the long life span and tough build make them a much more efficient and environmentally safe choice over other straps. They can be used in any number of weather conditions and improve on typical bungee cord setups with a stretching high-performance polymer build and polished aluminum buckle much safer than hooks. There are four models in the line—an Industrial Super Strap, as well as three SuperStraps sized at 14, 18 and 25 inches. Available in 2-pack and 4-pack purchases. List Price: Begins at $7.99. Contact: Lawson USA, LLC,