Kamerar Brightcast V15-345 LED Panels

Portable, Versatile, Flexible Light
A close-up of a drink being mixed lit by two Kamerar Brightcasts. The Kamerar Brightcast LED panels caught my eye a while ago. I already own other LED panels, like the Aputure Lightstorm LS-1S, and have owned and used quite a few other LED panels from Litepanels, Cool Lights, Arri and others. What I found intriguing about the Kamerar Brightcasts were... Read more

EgoDisk CFast 2.0 Cards

A reasonably priced alternative
In 2017, I purchased the long-awaited Canon EOS Cinema C200 camcorder. I had been shooting with rented C300 MKII cameras and came to really like that model. I also owned a C100 and a C300 MKI, two of the best cameras I’ve owned over my fairly lengthy career as a director of photography and cameraperson. Because of my Canon experience, the C200 seemed... Read more

Sachtler’s Flowtech 75: Elevating Video Tripod Design

Sachtler’s new Flowtech 75 modernizes the video tripod with exceptional ease of use
Filmmakers and videographers often don’t give much thought to the tripod legs. We mostly focus on the tripod head, and rightly so, since unlike in still photography, we actually capture the movement of our subject by moving our camera to frame them. How a head enables you to smoothly pan and tilt is at the very essence of basic camera movement. Tripod... Read more

Hands On With The Blackmagic eGPU

This sleek external graphics processing unit co-designed with Apple is an appealing concept, but has limitations
The Blackmagic eGPU is designed to add GPU power to specific Mac computers. What Is It? The Blackmagic eGPU is a higher-end external standalone graphics accelerator. The unit is a product of collaboration between Apple and Blackmagic Design, and it’s designed for use with the recent generations of Mac computers with a Thunderbolt 3 connection. iMac... Read more

Canon’s New EOS C700 FF

The evolution of the modern digital cinema camera
The C700 was Canon’s bid to introduce a competitor to industry-standard higher-end digital cinema cameras from competitors like Arri, RED, Panavision and Sony. Up until this point, Canon’s sole entry into the high-end digital cinema camera wars was the EOS C500, a camera capable of creating nice 4K imagery but only when hooked up to an external... Read more

Mirrorless Mania

Panasonic and Fujifilm pave the way for the future of hybrid cameras
Mirrorless Mania
The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5s Panasonic’s latest and greatest hybrid stills/video camera, the Lumix DC–GH5s, has proven to be a capable performer and, ironically, a better video camera than its cousin, the GH5. By dropping back to a lower-resolution sensor, a 10.2-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor (about half the resolution of the 20 MP version... Read more

Shine A Lot Of Light With Fiilex’s Q8 Travel Kit

Putting Fiilex’s new Q8 travel kit to work
Shine A Lot Of Light
The new Fiilex Q8 Bi-Color LED Fresnel Kit is billed as a high-power light with the ability to focus from spot to flood, flicker-free operation at any frame rate, smooth dimming down to .1 percent intensity, and powerful color controls. The Q8 has a tunable color temperature from 2800K to 6500K, 340W power consumption and output, and a hue control that... Read more

Virtual/Augmented/360 Video Reality

Getting started in the world of immersive storytelling
Virtual/Augmented/360 Video Reality
One of the hottest new developments in media over the past few years has been the advent of immersive storytelling. A few words about the terminology and the technology. At this point, in early 2018, immersive storytelling manifests as any or all of several different technologies. Let’s take a look at what some of the most popular terms for immersive... Read more

Sony’s Low-Cost MCX-500 Makes Multi-Cam Streaming Easy

Compact, affordable, the MCX-500 takes the headache out of live broadcast
Since the dawn of television, the Production Control Room has been the heart and mind of the broadcast operation. Comprised of an array of video and audio equipment, the Production Control Room (often called the PCR, or commonly the “control room”) turns the streams of video and audio into the output we consume over the air, via cable or... Read more

Sony a7 III Hands-On Review

Sony's "Basic" Camera Is Anything But
One of the quirky things about language is the way in which a turn of phrase conveys something in one culture yet has a slightly different nuance in another, leaving some things, as they say, lost in translation. When Sony announced its new a7 III at its global launch event in February and proudly proclaimed it to be its “basic model,” the camera... Read more