Revisiting NAB 2017

A look back at some of the best new products we saw at the industry’s leading trade show, a number of which we’ve since had a chance to review hands-on
Canon EOS C700 We’re taking a look back at some of the new products we got to check out at NAB 2017. We’ve since had a chance to review a number of them hands-on since this article appeared in print, so look for the links throughout this article. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas is a massive, sprawling affair each... Read more

Slimming Down Your Video Kit

How to do more with less for one-man-band and small-crew shoots
video kit
Sony a7R II I recently had a conversation with a videographer who was searching for cases for his lighting kit. When I asked what kinds of lights he wanted to bring on his shoots and what kind of shooting he did, he replied that he was looking for just the right case to hold his ARRI 650w, 300w and 150w Fresnels, as well as two Lowel Rifa lights. In... Read more

The Video Lighting Revolution

How LED technology will grow to new heights for 2017 and beyond
LED video lights
The increasing versatility and dropping production costs of LED lighting panels make them attractive lighting solutions in the broadcast and film industries. Over the past few years, the tools we use to light for video have changed immensely. Gone are the days of needing heavy, heat-generating and expensive lighting sources for every shoot. The availability... Read more

DIY High-Power Video Or Still Light For Under $200

We made our own 11,200 lumen LED lighting solution that’s lightweight and durable. Check out the how-to video.
LED lighting solutions
We’re always looking for ways to save time and money in the studio, so we set out to see if we could create a low-budget but powerful lighting solution for photography and videography. After wandering the aisles of the local hardware store, we found materials that allowed us to create our very own studio lighting hack—an 11,200 lumen light that... Read more

Light & Motion Stella Pro LED Lights

The most complicated LED lights I’ve ever used. Is that a good thing? Definitely.
Light & Motion Stella lighting system
Light & Motion Stella and Stella Pro LED Lighting System Promising up to an incredible 12 hours of battery-powered illumination, the Stella family of high-powered LED lights from Light & Motion are bringing a fairly exciting new approach to LED technology. While most current LED systems for filmmaking and video are designed as simulacrums of... Read more

Cineo Lighting To Feature MavX At NAB 2017

The new mid-power softlight is color-tunable, building on Cineo’s award-winning Maverick line
Cineo Lighting MavX
With optimized output for film, video and still photography, the new mid-power MavX softlight from Cineo Lighting will make its debut at NAB 2017. Building on the award-winning Maverick line, the MavX provides up to 8,000 lumens, delivering the color rendering and output benefits of Remote Phosphor, while giving users the ability to color tune dynamically... Read more

Kino Flo Delivers 360-Degree Color System

The portable Diva-Lite LED and Select LED lighting solutions feature cine swatch book presets, plus hue and saturation color control
Kino Flo
The new Diva-Lite LED and Select LED fixtures from Kino Flo offer new color lighting options for cinematographers, lighting pros and other creatives, providing cine swatch book presets, as well as full hue and saturation color control. With the 2.71 software release, users can preview the full chromatic spectrum by simply turning a dial, or recall favorite... Read more

At A Glance: BBS Lighting Pipeline Reporter And 4 Bank

Tough lights with high-quality rendering are the hallmark of a company concentrating on the energy efficiency and low-heat output of remote phosphor and LED solutions
BBS Lighting Pipeline Reporter And 4 Bank
The low-heat, high-output and very compact BBS Pipeline Reporter remote phosphor lights, small and portable enough to be hidden in any scene. Photo by David Alexander Willis You know a product is going to be good when you meet with a lighting company and the first thing they do is knock the bulbs sharply against a table to prove their sturdiness. BBS... Read more

Light It Up: Speaking The Language Of Illumination

Tools to help you light your production on any budget

Whether you light as a one-man band or work as a director or cinematographer alongside a huge crew, some things are a constant. Take lighting, for example. Effective lighting is both an art and a science. It takes a good eye along with ample imagination and skill—but it also takes knowledge, knowing how to put the correct tools together to help shape... Read more

At A Glance: A Real Lighting Game Changer

ARRI introduces the rugged, yet lightweight SkyPanel S60 and S30, bringing ultrabright, high-quality LED lighting to the marketplace

For quite some time now, the LED lighting revolution has been quietly gaining steam. Many cinematographers and gaffers have been willing to test the latest technology over the years, but up until now, using LEDs mostly was relegated to specialty lighting. That all may have changed with ARRI’s new SkyPanel S60 and S30, a versatile family of compact... Read more