Converting Watts to Lumens: Watt Is Your Lumen Count?

How to choose the right lights for your next project

Over the last few years, we’ve seen some major improvements in LED lighting technology in both color quality and output. With more and more companies producing lights, it can be challenging to decide which might fit your needs. At AbelCine, we sell and rent several different lighting technologies and do our best to help clients select the right lights... Read more

Better Video Through Compression

Most video cameras and DSLRs have an internal recording format designed to get you the most footage possible on a media card.

AbelCine recently hosted the VII Evolution Tour, an event series for photojournalists making the transition to video production. The tour helps attendees identify and overcome the challenges of going from stills to motion production. A topic that was covered during this event was the use of external recorders. In one of her workshops, photojournalist... Read more

Focus This On That

Lens adapters and extending the life of your lens

At AbelCine, we get a lot of questions on camera and lens combinations. With so many new cameras hitting the market, often with new lens mount types, it’s no surprise that people are trying to determine the best lenses for their new camera system, while others are trying to utilize lenses they already own with a new camera. We all know that lenses... Read more

The Rules Of Log Exposure

Explaining the tools of the trade

Lately, here at AbelCine, it seems like a new camera comes in every week. Technology is evolving very quickly, and we work hard to stay on top of it all, but for a working cinematographer, this can be quite a challenge. Recently, we received the new VariCam 35 and HS cameras from Panasonic and have been doing demos for many DPs. Of course, they all... Read more

Stills To Motion

Translating digital cinema through Photoshop

We hold a lot of events at AbelCine aimed at helping still photographers move into the world of cinematography. These “Stills To Motion” events are focused on both the art of cinema, as well as the latest camera technology. During a recent event, we were discussing the RAW and Log modes in the Canon EOS C500, as well as the wide cinema gamut... Read more

Making The Match With 3D LUTs

How can I match a Sony F55 and Canon EOS C500?

Many people know AbelCine for the scene files we create for various cameras. Last year, I wrote a column called "Making The Match" (HDVideoPro, April 2013), and I outlined my process for creating matching scene files for various cameras. We received a lot of great feedback on that column and have received even more interest in matching files.... Read more

Go Wide

Explaining digital anamorphic

Anamorphic has been a popular format since its introduction more than 50 years ago. Once associated with epic outdoor action dramas, the anamorphic look is now part of the language of small intimate films to blockbusters and everything in between. There’s even a trend to shoot anamorphic commercials. As the digital camera revolution rolls forward,... Read more

The State Of 4K Today

What a difference a year makes

In the October 2012 issue of this magazine, I wrote a column called "4K Plug-And-Play" about an AbelCine client who wanted to shoot and play back 4K live. They had purchased a 4K camera and a 4K projector, and wanted to see the output of the camera live. At the time, this presented a complicated and expensive problem to solve. Their camera... Read more

Sensors & Circles

Will your lens cover your particular sensor?

At AbelCine, one of the most common questions our techs get these days is about lens coverage with different cameras. It’s no wonder that we get these inquiries, as there’s an endless stream of new cameras coming out, all of which have different sensor sizes and specs. We frequently get questions like this: "Does my 16mm lens cover... Read more

Beyond The Bars

Common questions on monitor calibration

We recently started offering HD monitor calibration services at AbelCine. Our clients are very particular about image quality when it comes to their cameras, and the same is true for monitors. We did receive a few questions, however, about why monitor calibration is important in a production setting. Most people know how important monitor calibration... Read more