Lavalier Microphone Guide

The care, feeding and use of lavs  
lavalier microphones
What is a lavalier? lav·a·liere [lav-uh-leer, lah-vuh-] – noun An ornamental pendant, usually jeweled, worn on a chain around the neck Lavalier microphone Also, lav·a·lier, la·val·lière [Origin: 1915-20; after the Duchesse de La Vallière (1644-1710), one of the mistresses of Louis XIV] — Random House Unabridged Dictionary “A lavalier... Read more

Audio Solutions For DSLRs And Mirrorless Cameras  

Tools for capturing high-quality professional-level sound with these cameras
audio interface
Sound Devices MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 Audio Recorders We’re almost a decade past the entrance of DSLR cameras into the professional video and cinema production space. The video-capable Nikon D90 hit the market in August 2008, quickly followed by the game-changing Canon EOS 5D Mark II a month later. While the images produced by large-sensor cameras were... Read more

The Wireless Microphone Crisis

Alternative strategies for sound professionals using wireless mics today and in the future
wireless microphones
My production company recently created a corporate video for a client, shooting the project at a golf resort. While shooting skits with the talent out on the golf course, we had to use wireless microphones, as our talent was moving around a lot in each scene. After carefully miking our talent, both my fellow camera operator and I were rewarded with... Read more

Audio Apps For Sound Pros

Using your smartphone as an additional sound tool for pro audio work
apps for sound professionals
Professional sound mixers and audio engineers who use their ears to earn a living seem to be inexorably attached to their smartphones. But did you ever think that your smartphone could become a valuable tool for professional audio work? There are tens of thousands of apps out there, so how to narrow down the field to the best ones for those of us who... Read more

Microphone Options For Still Cameras

Rounding up a few of the most popular microphone and audio recorder options for capturing better audio with still cameras and mirrorless systems
capture better audio with still cameras
Sony PCM-D100 Audio Recorder While DSLRs are still popular, Micro Four Thirds cameras like the Panasonic GH5 and the Sony a6000 series in the APS-C category have become increasingly attractive. With professional features like 4K video, high-frame-rate (HFR) shooting for slow-motion footage, advanced color-profile support and the ability to shoot in... Read more

Time For Time Code

Adding time code to non-time-code devices, and recording ambisonic sound for 360º video
Made in Germany, the small and lightweight Tentacle Sync box works in conjunction with software to provide frame-accurate time code to almost any recording device. TIME CODE WITH TENTACLE SYNC Q I work for an ad agency, and we shoot a three-camera meeting each month using Panasonic DMC-GH4 cameras. It’s my job to edit all of these into a highlights... Read more

Editing And Recording Audio At Bargain Pricing

Sony SpectraLayers Pro for sound editing, plus the Sennheiser AVX wireless audio system
Sennheiser’s advanced, but affordable wireless AVX system with lavalier, handheld, transmitter and receiver.
Sony’s versatile SpectraLayers Pro audio-correction software with graphical interface for adjustments. AUDIO EDITING ON A BUDGET Q I’ve been looking for a better way of tweaking and processing my audio. I mostly shoot live events, weddings and corporate projects, where there’s occasional background noise that I’d like to remove, sounds like... Read more

Rescue Me

juicedLink Little DARling Distributed Audio Recorder, and iZotope RX 5 Audio Editor

JUICEDLINK LITTLE DARLING Q We’re looking at wireless microphone alternatives to shoot weddings and live events. Much of the time we don’t have enough budget available to hire a sound mixer and we end up having to handle audio ourselves. In our experience, quality wireless systems are pretty expensive, about $2,000 to $3,500 for something like... Read more

Recording With(out) A Sound Mixer

The new Tascam DR-701D timecode-capable recorder, plus budgeting for a sound mixer

TASCAM DR-701D MIXER/RECORDER Q I want to upgrade my multitrack recording capability from my current Zoom H4n to something with more tracks and more sophisticated features. I’ve been considering the new Zoom F8 mixer/recorder. Is there anything else in the $1,000 or lower range that I should consider? We mostly shoot with the Panasonic GH4. Drew... Read more

The Art & Science Of Mounting Mics

Lavs vs. shotguns, plus hidden lavaliers

LAVS VS. SHOTGUNS Q I’m looking for advice on the best long shotgun microphone that I can mount on a Sony PXW-FS7 camera. I’ll be shooting interviews with athletes from five to 10 feet away, but don’t have the resources to have a sound mixer with me. I’m not very knowledgeable about sound. Help! Sherrie V. Via email A When you don’t have... Read more