Glide Gear TMP100 Teleprompter User Impressions

The Glide Gear TMP100 teleprompter is a small, light, inexpensive system designed around mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

In my live streaming company, we own teleprompters. We have three Prompter People 17-inch high bright professional teleprompting systems. They’re relatively large, heavy and bulky, but they work well when teamed with professional-level cameras that we use for tele production and live streaming. They require a beefy tripod and head as the camera rides atop a platform on the prompter. They also require a teleprompter operator who has a laptop computer with some quite expensive prompting software.

Effective teleprompter operating is somewhat of both an art and a science. Matching the speed of the prompter’s scroll with the talent’s reading speed, on the fly edits for grammar, punctuation, spacing and font size, it all requires a competent and well-trained prompter operator. What about lower-end productions, though, that don’t have the budget for a professional prompter op and prompter system?

I recently decided that I needed a small and lightweight teleprompter system in our production office. Not because I’m a YouTuber who must deliver copious amounts of written copy to camera. The challenge has been client Zoom, Teams and Google Meetings. I upgraded my low-grade computer camera to a free-standing mirrorless camera. This allows my Zoom, Teams and Google Meeting interactions with clients to look professional. Makes sense since we’re selling our clients on our professional quality.

The challenge of updating your camera for video conferencing is that you need to be looking into the lens to maintain eye contact with clients. Mounting your camera above your computer screen or off to the side means that if you make eye contact with the lens, you cannot see the Zoom/Teams/Google Meeting screen to see your clients.

The Glide Gear TMP100 teleprompter features an elevated aluminum platform for mounting small mirrorless, DSLR or video cameras at the correct height to center the lens in the prompter.

Teleprompter To The Rescue

Besides reading teleprompter copy, which you can do with a prompter, you can hook up a video monitor to most computers these days, allowing the second monitor to function as a video conference interface. I did my research and ended up buying a Glide Gear TMP100 teleprompter. It features a collapsible, compact design that mounts on a tripod and accepts a DSLR or mirrorless camera on the rear platform with no assembly required.

The Glide Gear TMP100 Teleprompter

An included offset adapter also allows you to use your smartphone as the taking camera. There are inserts supporting up to a 10.5 x 7.5-inch tablet or smartphone in the adjustable tray on the front to provide scrolling text via any prompting app compatible with the mobile device. A 70/30 beam splitter glass reflects the scrolling text from the device to your talent from up to a 10-foot reading range. The glass angle is adjustable to best suit the situation while its protective hood keeps unwanted light from entering your lens. The prompter offers 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 tripod mount threads on the bottom, plus accessory mounting points on the left and right sides of the frame for attaching lights, mics and other accessories to enhance your production.

The Glide Gear TMP100 is designed to function as a basic teleprompter system utilizing a tablet as shown here with an Apple iPad. But it can also be teamed with a video monitor for other uses.

Retailing for a mere $199, the Glide Gear TMP100 teleprompter receives good reviews all over the Internet. I found the construction to be pretty robust for such an inexpensive piece of gear. Most people who buy the TMP100 seem to end up using it with an iPad or other tablet, which makes sense if all you want to do is shoot video and deliver scripted lines. For my use as a monitor extension for video conferencing though, an iPad wouldn’t work as I needed to use the monitor as a secondary monitor extension on our 2020 iMac Retina 5k. I ended up putting in some research and discovered that the Lilliput A11 monitor, a 10.1-inch 1080 capable monitor would fit into the TMP100 perfectly.

The Lilliput is the largest monitor that will fit into the monitor tray on the TMMP100. The A100 also has the pre-requisite image flip capability needed so you can view your computer’s video output since it’s being projected onto a mirror. The Lilliput was more expensive than the TMP100 itself at $349, but it was of decent quality and also features SDI and HDMI inputs, so it could be useful occasionally for location shoots.

The adjustability of the screen angle on the Glide Gear TMP100 allowed me to utilize it in a variety of situations, placing my chair at different heights, depending on how I wanted to sit.

User Impressions

Based upon a couple of months of usage in video conferencing with our clients, I give the Glide Gear TMP100 teleprompter a thumbs up. It makes working with a mirrorless or DSLR camera and making eye contact with your video conferencing clients pretty easy and painless. In short, it does what it’s supposed to do, it’s affordable and simple to configure. Using a full-sized teleprompter for video conferencing is overkill. The small size and weight are perfect without taking up my entire desk. If you need a useful and affordable small teleprompter, you should take a look at the Glide Gear TMP100. There are many models on the market to evaluate, but the Glide Gear unit hits the sweet spot of being large enough to be practical but small and inexpensive to make sense for video conferencing.

[[caption image 05 – I ended up teaming this 10.1-inch Lilliput A11 monitor with the TMP100 and plugging the output of my 2020 iMac 27-inch Retina 5K as a second monitor. I could then place the Zoom or Teams interface full screen on the Lilliput while still retaining the iMac screen to look up data or browse during video conferences.

In 2021, especially if you sell your services as a visual image-centered production company or especially as a live streaming company, you’re being judged on how your image looks and how you sound, even on Zoom or Teams meetings. It makes sense to invest some time and money into improving your camera quality, sound, lighting and, most importantly, how you connect with clients while talking about projects with them online. Making eye contact with them is a way of connecting that client’s value. Looking off to the side as you speak with them isn’t a viable way of communication. The Glide Gear TMP100 teleprompter has been a sound investment in our business.